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DataCVG® (Data Converging) is a leading data application software company in China helping government and private companies to maximise potential value embedded within data. The company was established in December 2008, listed on NEEQ stock market from January 2014, and stock code is 430435.



DataCVG® is specialised in applications and technologies related with data, especially in the area of Business Intelligence and Data Analytics. On the IT side, DataCVG® helps its clients to build data platform, data warehouse and data market for data management and data mining, to execute the visualisation of reporting system and data collection; On the management side, DataCVG® provide services to its clients for digital management consultancy and implementation, helping its clients to build digital management concept, optimise the outcome of management decision making; On the business side, DataCVG® helps its clients to explore and release potential value hidden in data, gradually transforman organisation towards digital organisational structure.


产品及解决方案  Products & Solutions


数聚智慧决策门户推出至今已经有8个年头,如今的SDP v5已经是一个模块化程度高、可集成各类BI工具,并方便地实现与其他系统集成的BI门户产品。 

公司最近推出的智慧企业管理框架(Smart Enterprise Management Framework) SEMF v5更是一个包含SDP,并且具有指标看板、领导视窗、管理画布、模型工厂、智慧锦囊、行动计划和快速导航等功能性模块的开放式平台,是构建企业数字化中心、打造智慧企业的框架性管理开放平台。公司还研发了诸如智慧采集、万网智能等平台型软件,他们帮助用户采集零散的数据,和从Internet上获取相应的商业情报。




DataCVG® values particularly in-house research and development capabilities, in recent years the company constantly increases its investment in R&D, successfully developed series of its own software products with its own IP ownership. These products standardised the shared functions required  by many projects and clients, integrating the innovation and intelligence from its clients, greatly improved the user experience for DataCVG’s BI and Big Data solution’s clients, meanwhile reduced projects’ risk and shortened project timescale.
DataCVG Smart Decision Platform has now been used for 8 years since its launch, today’s SDP V5 is a highly standardised portal product that can easily be integrated with other systems and can be plugged in with many BI tools.
The newly launched Smart Enterprise Management Framework - SEMF v5 is an open platform including not only SDP, but also designed with data dash board, management window, management drawing pane, model workshop, Smart Mobile BI, action plan and swift navigation and many other functional modules, is an open management framework platform facilitating to construct an organisation’s digital centre and furthermore achieving smart enterprise status. DataCVG® has also developed other platform software products such as intelligent data collection, network intelligence etc which help clients to collect scattered data, and to collect business intelligence from internet.
On the foundation of above mentioned software, DataCVG® has also developed series of industry application products and solutions, such as “Modern Retail Intelligence Solution”, Smart Manufacturing enterprise Solutions, Smart Retail Enterprise Solutions, Financial Big Data Intelligent Sales and Marketing Solutions, Banking budgeting management Solutions, Intelligent Testifying Solutions, Enterprise Credibility Solutions, Aerospace Quality Control Solutions.
DataCVG’s SDP and SEM products and other products have been successfully used in the company’s many clients, today managing many trillions RMB GDP.


行业领域   Industry & Scope



 DataCVG® is headquartered in Shanghai, with representative offices and branches spreading in Beijing, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Chongqing, Qingdao etc, serving manufacturing, financial industries, aerospace, health industry, large corporations, automotive, logistics industry and government with in-depth know how and successful cases.
In the past several years, DataCVG® has served many Fortune 500 and prestigious leading companies, many of them are industry leaders, such as Haier group, Kili Automotive, Wan Da hotel, Laiyifen retail, Pudong Development bank, Hai Nan Airline, SMIC, Yu Chai Machinery, Zhejiang Grocery, Coca Cola, Unionpay etc, hence successfully established itself as leader in big data, BI and Data Analytics domain in China, also formed many industry standard based on SDO, SEMP and Intelligence Solution.


行业荣誉  Honor & Awards  

2013年,数聚公司首次被国际IT权威研究机构Gartner收录进其关于亚太区BI与分析领域的报告,此后从2015年起连续被列入该报告;公司还多次获得国内IT权威研究机构CCID的多个奖项,以及全球企业应用软件供应商巨头SAP的Pinnacle Award(登峰造极奖)。同时,公司获得了上海市软件企业、高新技术企业的资质,并被确立为“上海市小巨人培育企业”,并在2017年被评优。


In 2013, DataCVG® has first been included in the industry report of Asia Pacific BI and Data Analytics by the world’s IT research Authority organisation Gartner, and since 2015 DataCVG® has been annually included in its industry reports. The company has also been awarded many times awards by China’s IT research Authority organisation CCID, and received Pinnacle Award honoured by the world’s leading application software company SAP. Meanwhile, the company has been credited qualification as Shanghai city’s software enterprise, High Technology enterprise, been awarded as “Shanghai’s young tycoon nurturing enterprise”, been awarded as outstanding status in 2017.



我们的企业文化  Corporate Culture

【使       命】“将数聚合、促数聚变”,以发掘信息的能量,是上海数聚的立司之本;将数据变成信息,将信息转为知识,让知识产生效益,是我们的使命。

  [ Mission ]   “Fuse data to make change happen”, to release the energy embedded in data, is the foundation of Shanghai DataCVG®; turning data into information, turning information into knowledge, allowing knowledge to produce profit, it’s our mission.



 [ Concept ]  Our core values are Passion, Integrity, Professionalism, Innovation, and insatiable pursue of excellence.


【愿       景】我们相信“因为专注,所以专业”,作为专注于大数据BI领域的软件企业,我们将以富有激情的工作态度、勇于创新的自主产品、专业娴熟的服务水平、诚实守信的经营之道,不断为客户创造价值,最终成为本地区乃至全球范围内最优秀的BI应用和服务提供商。

 [  Vision  ]   We believe in “Professionalism comes from specialisation”, in order to “make management process visible, to make decision making more intelligent”, Shanghai DataCVG® aspires to serve clients to achieve more refined management, more efficient operation, more intelligent decision making through its professional service, eventually achieve the goal of our mission: “thoroughly knowing self and clients, we will conquer anything”.